Corporate Innovation | Corporate-Startup Partnership




Given the rapid pace at which industries change and new technologies appear today, established companies cannot generate new ideas relying only on internal resources, but must look for innovation in the startup ecosystem.

Nowadays, startup engagement programmes (STEPs) are a key element of the innovation strategies of the leading players in most industries. 

Bringing established companies and startups together can be very challenging. Only companies able to effectively engage with startups will achieve their objectives and stand out from competitors. 

Cenciarini & Co. helps established companies develop models for engaging with startups, tailored to their specific business objectives and needs (develop new products or services, increase productivity and efficiency, optimise costs, etc.).

Through our STEP (Startup Engagement Programme) programme, and thanks to two decades of experience and presence in the startup world, we help companies find and evaluate startups in line with their innovation focus areas and create value through partnerships. We also support companies in managing their portfolio of startup engagements over the long-term.

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